Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Ring Story

I have a Ring Story..A real story from someone i met this week..:) It begins when after a meeting with a client, i take my good time outside the office building alone to think what’s the next plan i need to discuss..Suddenly someone stand beside me and said
Why do you put your ring on your middle finger?’
It a very weird question, i turned and he is someone from the meeting room, which i cannot remember the name ..
I don’t have any explanation on why, i just love it on my middle finger, and i don’t see any wrong there..that’s my answer.
And then he said..’its from your mom, or dad or grandma?
OMG, i look at him and asked him ‘why don’t you think its from my boyfriend, fiancĂ© or husband?

Smiling he said ‘A girl who wear her boyfriend’s, fiancĂ© or husband’s ring wont put it on their middle finger, they will put it on the ring put it in your middle finger, because its from someone which is part of yourself..’and he went in..


I was really disturbed by what he said...i mean how does he know such thing..well he’s right about the ring, which is belongs to my mom, and yes i am part of my mother...the ring always remind me that my mother holds my hand, and i love it that way..
Well, reach home, quickly i google about ring..and here’s the result , wah..i never know before..maybe because who cares??haha

There is a beautiful and convincing explanation given by the Chinese.....

Thumb represents your Parents
Second (Index) finger represents your Siblings
Middle finger represents your-Self
Fourth (Ring) finger represents your Life Partner
& the Last (Little) finger represents your children

Firstly, open your palms (face to face), bend the middle fingers and hold
them together - back to back
Secondly, open and hold the remaining three fingers and the thumb - tip
to tip.

Now, try to separate your thumbs (representing the parents)..., they will
open, because your parents are not destined to live with you lifelong,
and have to leave you sooner or later.

Please join your thumbs as before and separate your Index fingers
(representing siblings)...., they will also open, because your brothers
and sisters will have their own families and will have to lead their own
separate lives.

Now join the Index fingers and separate your Little fingers (representing
your children)...., they will open too, because the children also will get
married and settle down on their own some day.

Finally, join your Little fingers, and try to separate your Ring fingers
(representing your spouse).
You will be surprised to see that you just CANNOT....., because Husband
& Wife have to remain together all their lives - through thick and thin!!

Why Ring finger?

There was an ancient belief that a very vital blood vessel ran from the ring finger on the left hand directly to the heart. It was therefore thought appropriate, that a ring that symbolized true love should be worn on the ring finger.
The vein was given the name 'vena amori' meaning 'the vein of love'. The Egyptians and Romans believed that, the wedding ring which symbolized eternal love would best be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.
As medical science developed, it became apparent that the ancient belief was wrong and there was really no 'vein of love' that ran from the ring finger on the left hand to the heart!
However, the practice of referring to that particular finger as the ring finger has continued to this day.

Besides the strong belief in the vein of love, there is another interesting school of thought that tries to explain why a finger was named as the ring finger.

In a Christian wedding, the priest normally says the following four phrases:

(i) In the name of the Father.
(ii) In the name of the Son.
(iii) And of the Holy Ghost.
(iv) Amen.

As these words are uttered, the ring is moved one finger at a time from the thumb, to the index finger, on to the middle finger and finally moved to (and left) on the ring finger when the fourth phrase 'Amen' is uttered. This finger was therefore called the ring finger according to traditions followed in a Christian wedding.

Hmmmmmmmmmm......I am wondering, what's kadazanDusun's explaination on it ..:)


Qhris said...

haha i think if kadazandusun just a very simple "buli ba kalu kau" ...nway as said earlier..suka hati kita sija...teda maksud gitu lah ..i think :)

Tata said...

hehe..iya kn Lumis..lg simple kn...Ikut kita ja..:)

kuyungz said...

Hahaha...sentap juga la when i read ur Ring Story...

Persoalannya atat~! Org menanya tu cina ka? Kalau CINA... harus la sentap... ikut adat siot... hahaha... nway... who cares~! kwang kwang kwang....

Kalau ikut adat cina kan... kalau mo menackle tu..kena tingu jari dia dlu.. ada ring ka ndak... kalau teda... trus la tackle.. kalau ada..depends which finger u put lor... tu la bah tu cina...

No wonder my mum ndak bagi sia ring.. heh~! mo tagih dlu la... hahahaha

Tata said...

hahaha..harusla ko CINA yung..
eh KOH CHAN YUNG a.k.a ah chen..hahahaahahahah..

Miss ya!:)

Teo-Dei said...

Mangkali The Lord Of the Ring tu kali kn Ta..Dia mau mencuri tu cincin abis it's belongs to Smigeal!! kekeke...

In just one day, buli ka kalau kau tida payah pikir WHY or HOW or WHEN..jangan banyak tanya!!!

Tata said...

Teo-Dei kama!!...c Tudei kama nama ko tu..ereiiii.hahahahhahah...tia ba Teo-Dei..***Holding My Laugh***

Oyeah Im Smigeal...My preciousssss....C Smigeal yg cute kn..Sy pun rasa..LOL.

"I am a curious girl..and i need to know...what's the name of the" :D

LeoFantasia a.k.a LEO said...

i learn a lot...nice post!!

ewon komulakan said...

Wah... perangai tidak berubah2 sejak dari dulu... jiwang saja?? hahaha... nway, u have put a good real story behind it... ur title is even self-explainatory, describing ur wonderful postings... knapa ko tidak kasitau ko ada blog slama ni aa? kekkeke... bah jadi bila ada harapan?

Tata said...

Leo : Apala ko learn?haha..Bgs2..ko mimang pelajar yg pinter ...! :D

Ewon : Uissseh c YB nih, hahah...jgn tersalah tafsir ba YB, its my new findings meant to share seja tia ka pla sy kestau ko tu..ada kn tu, time kita menjadi teman seperjuangan d Melaka lg..ko lupa mungkin tu tau..:D..Bah harapan bangsa dan negara ka?

ewon komulakan said...

sentiasa ada harapan bah... ko atur saja masa n tempat... klu sya di putrajaya tu sya dtg, tp klu sya di sabah tangguh la duluan... hehe... hari 5 ni balik sabah..

LeoFantasia a.k.a LEO said...

bukan la atat...sya belajar banyak pasal ko...hhaahhahaa...sentimental pla si kawan...JIWANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tata said...

Ewon: Ba nanti kita atur kerusi meja la ah..palan2 ko balik ari 5 nih :D...

Leo : Eh...ko becakap ka? ko pula ba tu ingat nyamuk...hahahahahahaha

googler said...


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