Saturday, February 21, 2009

the voice that something..

Well i was kinda taking my weekend rest having my good time at home and stuffs, watched TV and all, when accidentally watched One In A Million concert..

Straight to my point, i was and am still, very impressed with one of the contestant Elizabeth or Ester, who is from Sabah. She really is something!...i am not a real fan of any reality Tv or whatsoever, but to hear her voice, her singing, well..she really got the talent i tell ya..

So i google EasterOIAM, i know someone out there as keen as me, will upload last nite concert :)..and yeah..its in youtube!!

This 21 yrs girl do Better In Time by Leona Lewis, but in her own style, fantastic style..It was like.. there's a spirit when she sang the song..She captured me...

Well guys, she can go far..check out her video..

Its been the longest winter without you
I didnt know where to turn to
See somehow I cant forget you
After all that we've been through go in, come in
thought i heard a knock
who's there?
no one
thinking that i deserved it
now i realize that i really didnt know
you didnt notice,
you mean everything
quickly im learning, to love again
all i know is, imma be ok

thought i couldnt live without you
its gonna hurt when it heals to
it'll all get better in time
even though i really love you
im gonna smile cause i deserve to

it'll all get better in time
how could i turn on the tv
without something there to remind me
was it all that easy
to just put aside your feelings
if im dreaming
dont wanna let,
hurt my feelings

p/s : she got immunity for next concert, so no worries, next week still can watch her perfomimg!..And if you listen carefully, someone from the crowd screaming BULI BA KALAU KAU!!...haha...go Girl!


kuyungz said...


OAIM juga la.. nasib bukan AYU OIAM ah... connie kenal tu si Ester.. pernah dorang berganding bahu menyanyi sama2 sana karaoke... n jie jie said.. her voice mmg something~! huhuhu... buli tahan o dia kan~ hehehe...

Support Local Singer~!

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Sia sukung!

Tata said...

Yung : wahhh....bili laini kita hang out sama ester!

Kay: Iya majulah sukan untuk negara!yess!

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