Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blogging Marketing

I love blogging. Started since 4 years back, when i was still in my university year. I blog about everything that interest me, from music to technology, or poem and my life journey. Its just about the blog itself, i love putting something into words, even though , well, i am not really good on it.

Bloggers talk about other people blog, they read, they discuss and they comment on it. It’s a very powerful tool for engaging people on certain topic. And being in a corporate world now, i realize this has a very good potential in advertise on blogs and networking people.

In my daily working day, marketing is crucial. We need to market our product so that people is aware of our existence. We need to get in touch with a lot of people and make sure that they always ‘remember’ us. But daily working hour only 9am to 6pm, and there’s a lot of time of rejection, and people won’t always there to entertain us. With so many other task on hands, i only wish i can do a program in my computer to everyday replacing me to greet our potential clients, telling them what’s our new products and promotion, and stuffs.

And just recently, i was introduced by a friend about the power of blogging, how we can optimize our blog to become the tool for our business. It’s like a the program that i always wanted to replace me on engaging people on our business. And indeed it does.
We give a very impressive review about our product in blog, and drive people to read it. A simple and straightforward marketing, where you don’t have to physically sit down with these potential client , waiting for their right time to get an appointment and hundreds time rejected. Plus with the financial crisis, we would love to save every single drop of our car fuel.

Words can be the most powerful weapon. Write your blog in the most fascinating ways, place the advertisement in suitable location, and business will flood you. Blog is not just a journal, but a platform for everything you need. And it’s not just about local market but worldwide market, sky is the limit.

Keep your blog short and simple, straight to the point and captivating. People will get bored when reading long review. Make it average 250-350 words will be enough to fascinate people. And most of all, use the right keyword for your blog title, because google will use the keyword and phrase to place the blog into search result. If Google cannot find our blog, it’s just a waste of a beautifully created blog.

So, if you love blogging, take advantage from it. As the saying goes, killing two birds with one stone. Happy blogging!

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