Friday, July 24, 2009

Its natural, womanly and real....

Kate, as we all know by now, has no tolerance for the fashion industry's size zero culture and wants young women to know that having curves is ok, so she was appalled when the claims came out that she was seeing a diet doctor.

Yea, this was the big hit 2 years back, when Grazia Magazine finally has to give fantastic Kate Winslet a big apology!

Kate as well has win her lawsuit against Grazia, and she has donate all the money to Eating Disorder Charity!

Love Kate! I cannot imagine how much the cost for the lawsuit.I could use lawsuit loans maybe if i need to sue someone.....Hmmmm....:)

I love her quote as well : Curve is natural, womanly and real!

1 comment:

cindy jane said...

I feel like a normal woman now. Well, sometimes lah. ha ha ha

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