Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How i wish..

There it goes...CNY holiday ended! Sigh, how i wish to have it a bit longer..
Four days off, but i am full with lots of things. Mostly cleaning the house and my room..Hmmm, sometimes it tense me to have to do lots of things when i really want to have a good rest at home...But , yeah, i can't stand to see the fridge not cleaned, the laundry hasn't finish, the room hasn't cleaned, the floor, the cabinet, the...
haih..too many things lah..

I always wish i could someday only do part time at my company, and can spend more time at home. That way i can do more cleaning and arranging the house..With so much things to do and too short time everyday, i barely can't do it all..

Oh, i just bought myself a book entitled "The Law of Attraction"

haven't finish reading it, but so far it is as good as the title is :)..Well, just something for my soul and my mind this year ..Yep, lots of things in my mind this year, and its good to have something to 'feed' my mind..Well its a valentine gift to myself :)

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