Friday, March 12, 2010

The big day ..for her

My youngest sister having trouble sleeping, eating and maybe breathing for the last few days waiting for her SPM result to be announced. Ha ha..Yea, i know the feeling. I was in that situation before, it felt like crying to think of what's if and all the possibilities.

And SPM result had been announced.

Yea, out of 11 subjects, she manage to get 5As. She's frustrated and not happy about it. Felt like a failure to see most of her close friends get straight As. Well sist, its not the end of the world. Its just the begining of her life, a real life. Maybe being the straight As student since UPSR and PMR makes her feel sooo much pain not to get the straight As for the most important exam.

She might feel soooo painful now, but for me and the rest of the families, we know she had really tried her best. I was in her shoes before , knowing that my dream didn't come true, and i cried all night. Ha ha..But moving on, i continue to Matriculation, then University, well..I really didnt feel the difference with all straight As student  from boarding school...Trust me lil sist, you have a long way to go. Slowly you will know, its your capabilities, your strength and your determination that will determine are you a failure or not.

Success is not measured by how many As you get, but by knowing that you will always do the best, keep trying, believing yourself and most of all, proving that you can be very independent standing on your feet and achieving your life goal. Simple :)

Congratulation dear sister, go and celebrate..enjoy! :D

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