Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sipadan is awesome!

yups..i've gove for a vacation with bunch of cute and happening friends..WHERE? hehe..of course the gorgeous awesome beautiful fantastic SIPADAN ISLAND!!

Just back yesterday night so i haven't get all the photos ready and stuffs, so can't post it just yet heee..We landed at LCCT yesterday at around 2pm then taking bus to KL Sentral, then from KL sentral taking LRT to my brother's house (where i park my car). After get the car, we went down to Uptown Damansara for Fish Head Curry, which is sooooo very sedap .

Finally heading home around 7.30pm...Reaching home around 8, straight taking my lovely shower..After almost 12 hours journey, it really feel sooo fresh to get shower! And it's movie time! fav TV series Ghost Whisperer and Desperate Housewives! But before that, need to do some house cleaning as the house had been left unattended for 4 days, and dust are everywhere..After cleaning the living room and kitchen, i was ready for my movie! Ah..finally ....i can rest after the long journey..

Office now..ah! im still in vacation mood and i can't think of anything now..I need to rush for my department's plan for next month and i can't think of any, and how to start!..he he..But actually  i have a lot of plans in my head...only need to get to start... Maybe after lunch..hehehehe...

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