Thursday, August 5, 2010

i am officially a year wiser

The Black Girls he he..
:) and yes, indeed i am..a year wiser than last year..gaining more experience and knowledge? hmm..hehe..

This year is the begining of a new life here, in my homeland, with my good funny and forever friends..Ah i love my friends..Celebrating my birthday a day earlier (they throw a suprise party for me), and it was really fun!..

(From Left: Tracy, ladyia, Aslinah, Kuyung,ME, Jessica)

The choclate cake was soooo delicious, thanks to Kuyung who recomend that yummy!

Me and Aslinah the Leo Girl :)

We started the party since 6 oclock and finish around 12 plus am..Ha ha...yea...Jessica especially had sang almost 100 songs (ha ha ha).

Look at the food! very the yummy..alamak i feel hungry again owh..We finish up all the foods and i think all had gain extra 1 or 2 kilos..ha ha..
Wah jessica juga laa...2 Thumbs up kama..hahahah

Tracy also bring her very cute daughter, NiNi, and i cannot help but wanting to hug her all the time (gerigitan)..hehe...

Alamak me happy dapat kek?hahaha...

But...Not forgeting...strange enough...lots and lots of ppl forgetting my birthday this year! Urgh!

My nephew and my younger sister! ........And i will never forget , 'someone' forget as well!

Well i still enjoying my birthday this year with my best girl friends...Having  good friends is the most precious present i could ever had from you girls..Big thank you to Tracy, Folicia, ladyia, jessica,aslinah, Lita and Kuyung...!

Even though we had known each other 10 years ago, i still feel like we were just the stupid college girl who do lots of stupid thing together. we had our own career now, and some with own family, but as long as we keep in touch, the friendship will always be there rite girls..

Can't wait for Jacklyn's wedding this Nov..and for our 'Langseu Shooting Day' before the wedding! ha ha...


kuyungz said...

aaaaaaaa... i like the 'shooting plan'... ehehee... lets plan bebeh... aaaa its gonna be fun!! hehehe...

kuyungz said...

Ta.... sia ada good news for u... ada suda 2 org menanti untuk belanja ko hari 6... hahahahaha... pandai o sia saiko... tapi VERON.. tia main ah wayang.. mo makan juga oh... hhahaha.... (sia tau veron akan membaca nie)

ArMs said...

Alo... bloghopping here :) btw, happy belated bday!

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Selamat menyambut hari Malaysia

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