Saturday, August 14, 2010

On my 20s

1. Scale back the credit cards.
2. Own a home -- or have a plan.
3. Have skills.
6. Saving for retirement day.
7. Know smart people.   
8.Growing up 
9. Adventurous.
10. Be young! :)

Its too late to think about all those important things after reaching 30s..So i better start now, rather than saying ' i wish i done that years back'.

As a woman, plan is important rite! :)


kuyungz said...

I agree with you 200%... I want to plan too!!! hehehe... I wanna start plan it too... owh yeah bebeh!!!

albertmacho said...

sempat ka nda owh..tngl 2 tahun stanga lagi..

TataJane said...

Kuyung : ya MUST!!
ALbert (macho?) : aik apa just 21! Ha ha

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