Sunday, September 29, 2013

September ends..

..and it's almost Christmas :)

Well this year had marked lots of interesting phase in my life some good some sad but most of it happy :)
And yes, i finally turned 30 this August, and i can put my 'oh-im-30-okey' face on me when i go for a meeting with clients.he he :P

They say 30s is the new 20s- depends how we see it. Am i still living like in my 20s? Hmm maybe some..yea? Well in my 20s i love posting about how i feel cool partying or live like New York's girl but now, i don't like to tell people about my life anymore. I mean, i wanted it to be private and have a real life, instead of boasting here and there in my blog or Facebook on something i didn't really have.

But maybe i can say i am wiser? ha ha i allowed to say that? :D
Life is different in my 20s where i'm kind of still searching for something that i wanted to do or to be in my life. And somehow i have to put and end of it, i have to decide(or gamble) on whatever decision i need to do - to move on with my life. Career, family and relationship - all checked :)

And finally i married my best friend :). A very simple yet sweet wedding like i wanted it to be. Looking forward for lovely 2014 to give more blessing in my life journey because i love every bit of it!

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