Friday, January 26, 2007

Rhyme of Hum

A long journey we started
An empty mind blown inside
Leaving a trace, no one see
Embrace the greatness
Is out of reach

Though smiles lingering
Beating hardened

The darkness fade
I stood still
My heart stopped, my mind blocked
Thousand tears
Response to the memory..

Take me out
From the empty land I created
For I know
God love you more than I do

But friend..
The love we once shared
The laugh we always put
The friendship that promise no ending
Will be kept
Forth in my mind…


An' said...


i know how much u hurt when he die. But, just let it's been some years. God planned it that way.

Take care.

Tata said...

:) Its just for remembrance..
He'll never be forgotten..

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