Saturday, March 7, 2009

Remote Control...Remote Access

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I was struggling doing my company website for the past 2 months. It really takes a lot of my time as i am the only one developing it, with more than a dozen to critics! Huh, luckily i got my designer to design it, and i was just do the coding and all..

It took me so long to finish even 1 page, as i am not doing the website development alone. Its like a ‘part time ’ task, yet has strict due. .When i was just about to start doing it in the office, millions of other things will suddenly being threw on my desk, with a note: URGENT or HIGH PRIORITY. Or 2 minutes notice on meeting a client. It really makes things really hard to complete as i had scheduled.

As me and the designer have limited time to discuss and meet, all our task usually will be put in our server. But i can only start doing my website when i am at home. And as the designer is actually doing his master degree, he usually go back early for a class a few days a week. So in summary we always have to work separately.

Finally i install TeamViewer in my server, as well as both me and the designer laptop, so we can work anywhere anytime, yet still can access our office server. And of course it does really make my life easier. I don’t have to download or save everything into my laptop anymore.

TeamViewer is an open source software to establishes connections to any PC or server all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner's PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.
Well its a great freeware software to take control on other PC. We can browse everything inside the PC,or view on what the other person is viewing on his/her PC as long as we already install it to that PC, and get the ID for it, and we just connect using that ID.

In my other project, i use OpenVPN to remote viewing all my projects and server, even each screen. But its quite complicated thingy, as it need to generate certificate, and setting up the ip and all. Its more secure for a big project, yet too complicated for just basic use.

Me monitoring what's being displayed at our digital signage network in Pyramid with VPN

Well ladies, want to know what’s your boyfriend\husband up to late at night in front of his PC? Try TeamViewer, you will ‘understand’ him more! Hahaha...


kuyungz said...

Haahaha... Great idea for monitoring the "BF" and "Husband"... hahaha... does the other party know that you are monitoring them? mmm... Kanapatan nnt siapppp.... hehehe...

Tata said... long as u make sure the installed software keep hide from desktop and quick launch la..usually man doesnt really check on their software updates ma..upssssss...!hahaha..Try laa...siok nih..

Mr. Gee said...

alama..nie macam pun ada ka..??huhuhu..susa la si angkol mo betapuk len kali nie..wakakaka

Tata said...

naa gee, perlu nih install d laptop ko! hahaha

Mr. Gee said...

jangan...jang nda install...haha

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

No wonder I feel 'intruded' when I stand naked in front of my laptop with my webcam hooked up... so far people that have touched my laptop included Gee, You, Gurangak, Joe, Leo..

Wel^Beiolman said...

tata...can u advice on setting up CCTV on terminal server...recommendation kali..spec & tech..hehe...thanks.

Tata said...

oh kalau yg tu Wel, kita kena bincang tu...ahhaha

Tata said... tida jamin kalau durg tu ah..!ill investigate this matter!:D

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