Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can You Make A Living Blogging?

Almost every blogger nowadays trying their best to earn money by blogging. But the question is do blogging really gives blogger secure income?

This very awesome article published at wcco gives us more idea on this question.

With more than 20 million blogs online, there's no question that people enjoy sharing their thoughts in published form. But a new report suggests that nearly a half-million people blog as their primary source of income. Are people really making that kind of money blogging?

"I haven't met them," said Andrew Eklund, CEO of Ciceron, a Minneapolis Web Marketing firm. "I mean you could go swing a 2x4 in front of this building and hit a blogger. But one that has change in their pocket?"

Maybe if blogging is our hobby, why not earn something from it rite :) ? At least we can buy something we love maybe for mother's day? Who knows...

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