Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 The third week

Maybe its wrong to start a fresh year with all the stress around..Yea, its not right..

Sigh, this is my second week working after my lovely holiday. Its a real pain. I even cried to let go all the stress, well a good way to let it go ey :D..

I walk in to the office last 2 weeks to know that everything changed. My 2 teammates are no longer with the team. And well as i already had in my mind, i have to take over their task. What more can i say..To find new job?Well hope our beloved government will stop all the unwanted thing in our country so we can start concentrating putting our economic into at least stable level? So i can easily find a good job to pay my bills.

First 1 week, i tried to keep all the energy i can get to start my work. Keep updated with everyone on works, projects and new plan. I don't want to push myself too much on the first week (ya i know excuse! :D )

Now 2nd week, i have no choice but to look at the files my ex teammate left for me...Meeting up clients and start being cranky with my junior teammates. I am the only female in our whole division now, and it makes me more and more stress. Well dealing with all male teammate really challenging, especially when you are the one who need to tell them what to do, arranging their work, getting reports and get them to do the task!

This week, it really makes me tired. I don't even have the energy to make a dinner after work.

Maybe all i need is a quiet place to be alone, and re-charging myself.


WILLOTHEPOOH said... gonna be alright. Just take one day at a time.. >:D<

TataJane said...

:) iya...cant wait for weekend..especially next week, 3 days off on weekend (Federal Day)..hehehe

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