Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Post

Uh hu! Two more weeks ey? Yep, i haven't figure out how am i going to pack all my stuffs back to Sabah..Keep thinking and thinking and fell asleep...Hehehehe :P

I already check some studio apartment nearby Lintas area, and found that properties in Sabah really expensive :(..Haih...I haven't figure out my car , and aishh...moving is really a headache, not to mention thousands bucks will kiss me goodbye for the house thingy, car thingy and lots more...

To keep myself positive will me my new studio apartment, which will be my new cute place..hehe...I already have my designs for it and hope it will be as nice as i imagine :P..well i might will end up stying in a Camping tents if my apartment hasn't ready yet right before i come back..ouch!

yayy, and i bought myself a book  entitle  Project Management for Information System from UK, and they already ship it! Well its very hard to find book in Sabah, plus its very expensive! I check the book at Kinokunya KLCC last Wednesday, and it cost me RM380! Urgh..I wonder why in Malaysia, book is really expensive..:(

OK its Saturday, and the sun finally shining! I'm gonna start with my Packing Project again!

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