Thursday, November 4, 2010

November says Hello..

As i can't stop the time from moving, i can only complain, it moving way too fast..

I remember when i was in my primary school, every year, i will wait for December to come..And it seems too long- the waiting. I have to go through 3 semesters, some 2 weeks school break and then only come the 'cuti panjang' long holiday. And every month is like a year..and a year like..uhm..10 years? ha ha..

Another month for Christmas, and there's no cuti panjang for me anymore. Sometimes i wonder, why didn't i take a long long holiday after i graduated, but started work to fast? Maybe i'm so energetic those days. Trying as quick as i can to start a career. Its been five years....and i never really have more than 2 weeks for my own...Its all about work work and work..

Here in Sabah, life is all about taking the opportunity. There's a lot of things i can do, and work for. I started join Tupperware to gain knowledge in business. And it never fail me, i did learn a lot when i join it. The money i earn from it not as much as the knowledge i gain.. Well, maybe yea, people will look at it as some MLM thingy, it is. But i am just not the kind who will see things as other people see..To be frank, i didn't really see the thing that i have to sale to gain profit..But i see something, the connection of other thing from it...

Maybe i did grow up, and my surviving skills become better, he he.But one thing i learn in life, is that, handwork is important. You can be smart, but without implementation, anything can be just a dream..You can be the mommy's girl, or the sweetheart, but you need to grow up-be a strong woman. Because you can't be a little girl forever.

Anyway, its just Nov 2010...I am young in my 20s! And i am enjoying my life! :)

I am so thankful to my late Grandma, who really taught me a lot about handwork.She's just a typical Dusun woman who will work so so and i mean it soooooooo hard, in everything she do...RIP Ina..


Tina said...

Tata, you're an inspiration to the younger generation of Sabahans. You're aware of what is happening around you, you're not afraid of hard work and you set targets for yourself. You see opportunities where many notice only problems. And while you work hard at your job you also take time to appreciate friends and family. Smart, young woman!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Tata, well written or spoken. The World needs more young people with your'll make the World a better place.
The World is waiting for you to make your footprints.....

Here's wishing you, may the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face, and the winds of Destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.

You have a pleasant week and keep a song in your heart. Best regards, Lee.

TataJane said...

Hi Ms Tina - To be an inspiration awww..that's too high :). Maybe sometimes i have no choice but to work hard, while sometimes i envy all those people my age who still have lots of 'happening' things to do..

maybe this is just me :)

TataJane said...

Dear Uncle Lee..

Appreciate the beautiful wish you sent. Hope that one day i can be as successful, wise and humble just like you :)

Alv0808 said...

Good one I wish all the youngster think and act like you

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

That's TaTa Jane for you! Always challenging herself. Really admire her spirit :)

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