Monday, January 10, 2011

The good old time..

i was online chatting with my friends just now now, and i finally realize how i miss my days at Kuala Lumpur. I mean, i yea, those good old time we spent when we were young, and have only laughs and happy and dancing and clubs..

We were 21 and we were the party girl. We went to each and every club in KL, just to have fun.Night without party seems soooo boring. And since we were just a college student back then, we don't have that much money to go for everynight clubbing..but..well, i think being young and 'adventurous' we try so many ways to get into the club, mostly getting to know those working adult..ha ha..and get in as one of their group, and inside the club..we will just go to the dance floor and forget about them..

I wonder how did i get all those energy to dance all night long..I love dancing with the loud music, with all those happening people around me..i just dance and dance and dance with the music..Our fav club is at The Zouk, mustly because of the music, and most of the time, international artist will have shows live show?Who gonna miss it!

One thing that people confuse about me is, i go clubbing and party almost everyday but i didn't drink or smoke..Hmm..I don't know, i just not into it. I go party for the sake of the music and dance, the crowd and blast..i never thought about getting drunk or smoking, because all i wanted is to dance!

Now, sometimes i miss it (like now hehe) but most of the time, i feel so tired to think of all the musics, all the people. Maybe time change, and maybe im done with partying :) But yea, KL life is amazing..But to live that forever is impossible..People change and get matured, thinking about future, life and everything.

Now all i wanted is to go for a world tour, getting to know other places other than clubs in KL!  :)

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