Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I must wake up in a wrong side of my bed this morning.

Wake up late. Ok its acceptable.
Hurriedly go to take my shower. In the shower room, im out of shower gel…Yelling to my friend, to give me her shower gel. She’s gone to work…Shit then I have to go and find myself.

Just before I go out from the shower room, I slipped and fell on the floor. SHIT!

10 minutes, Im ready to go to office..Quickly put my shoe n grab my keys. Another SHIT!!! My keys is wid my friend, I put in her bag last nite. Arghhhhhhhh…
I call her, she said she had to wait for her boss to come, got urgent briefing. So I have to wait!

Waiting for almost an hour, she come and opens the door. Then only I can breathe. In a rush, I take my sandal and run to the lift.

Made it finally, out of the lift, I suddenly realize something wrong with my sandal…look down and…i wear one red and one black sandal!! And I have to say another SHIT!!!

Run again….


I made it to office…

Hope my bad day will end...

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