Thursday, March 29, 2007

Time to Kill..

Most of us live running behind time, and we only stop when we die in heart attack or high blood even in a car accident rushing over time. We never want to stop and try to THINK, at least THINK for a second on what is really going on around us. Slow down the movement and try to put a smile on the face at least once in a while.

We are so anxious to know whats in the future until we tend to forget whats in the present, and NEVER looked back on past which sometimes can help to fix some mistakes we be apt to repeat and repeat over time.

Complaining on having not enough time is one of THE MOST favourite words. We all have equal time given for a day. No one have more or less. It depends on how we use it, how we trusted our time into putting our life in hell or heaven. And its all about TIME to create so many problems, so many questions and curiosity.

“A life is lived in an instant”

Life is not all about trying to show how we success in our career, but a little bit of humanity, love and the life itself. Sometimes we always want to talk, don’t want to stop and try to listen. STOP and LISTEN. Learn to know people beside you, learn to recognize the smile, and learn to memorize the voice. But how many people can do that? How many of us who can really STOP and LISTEN? No one. No one at all.

Life is complicated if we see it that way. Well, I think if we see the simplicity from the complicated, we can see it right there, just an everyday thing for us to deal with. Some people say LIFE IS A JOURNEY, yes, indeed, a long one. What we found on the journey is to add the beauty of it. Isn’t it a human nature to love beauty? But why for all these while, we are rejecting the beauty of life?

‘Sorry sweetie, I don’t have time, other day..?’..or ‘In hurry..!’ is like a food to most life. A promise that will never be fulfilled because time won’t allow? Hate, anger and disappointment linger, and forgiveness vanished. How many tears drop from a daughter eyes knowing she cannot buy her father time? Too luxurious too expensive.
How many night a daughter cannot sleep when she want her father to see her once in a lifetime graduation day, when all she had for an answer is, ‘little girl, daddy cannot make it, time is too harsh here.’

Time kills life. When it don’t even started.

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