Thursday, April 19, 2007

mummy says....

Take your plate into the kitchen,please.
Take it downstairs when you go
Is this yours?
Don't hit your brother
I'm talking to you
Just a minute,please,can't you see i'm talking?
i said don't interrupt
Did you brush your teeth?
Take this, it's good for your.
What are you doing out of bed?
what do you mean, there's nothing to do?
Get off the phone.
Tell your friend you'll call her back.Right now!
Take a jacket.Take a sweater.
Do you realize you could kill someone?
Hurry up.Everyone is waiting..Hurry Up!!
i mean it!
I said , stop it!
That's it.We're going home.
Give me a kiss.
I need a hug.
Set the table. I need you to set the table!
You don't get always get what you want .That's life.
Don't argue with me.I'm not discussing it anymore.Go to your room!
Stop yelling.If you want to ask me something,come here. STOP YELLING!
I'll think about it. Not now.
Ask your father.
We'll see.
Calm down and start over.
Don't you think your pants is too short?
You are not going out with that shirt..go change!
Out?which friend?where?when?how long?why? ..Home before 6 oclock.
Don't you think you are too young for that?
When will you finaly realize that you a a big girl already?
Young lady don't laugh that way.
Do not stare!
When i say no, i mean it.Do i make myself clear?
Girl don't mix with boys too much!!
you need some punishment young lady!
im sorry that's the sorry that's the sorry that's the rule.....

Somehow miss them :D

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