Thursday, April 26, 2007

a nite tale

The night remain unnaturally quiet
With a pale moon, shining through the trees
And I saw you smile,
Amazingly gorgeous, absolutely dazzling

Your eyes utter a story your mouth cannot speak,
Gracefully dazed by the beauty
God created in front of you..
And I thought those smile that day was mine,

I was too naïve
Not to see what’s behind the curtain,
Not to realize a beauty queen will win..

And it was then I realize,
You just take away my life,
With long pale sword ,
Thin enough to slip between a pair of ribs,
Yet stout enough to hack through
The hardest amour..

My head whipped around as I tried
To find my way
And watching you
Allowing yourself enjoying my pain

I locked myself in my own world since then
So afraid to open the door,

It was said “love until it hurt”
But I tell you..
It is not only hurting,
But it killing..


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