Monday, September 15, 2008

Eh me back...:)

Monday 1:28am.. back to the blog..
Yea doesn't really have time to check my blog lately, yea usual reason : Im stuck with my work..ahah..

The work really drive me crazy..I havent completed 2 projects, which have to be delivered by this week..haih..bosan..eheh..but no choice, have to start the working day tomorrow,

Whats going on l ately..hmm let me think..besides my tight schedule on work, i am enjoying life as well :P..Movies n makan makan is a must with my friends..ayiaa...talking about makan makan, i am gaining weight!! ah..

Then im a bit busy with Majlis Makan Malam Amal MSM, which successfully ended last nite..yea, happy when all finally goes smoothly.
Will upload the rest of the pic later, mengantuk already..:D..

Three of us with Tan Sri

yayy...Wid Infinatez...They r Coooooooollll...Bravo guys!

Don was trying to show his hp cam is 'sharp'..Err if ur sumandak nampak u r dead!LOL

When the dinner ended..fuhh...Three of us with Beatrice n Evlyn

Kwang..kwang..kwang...Onong n Boy...mesra la kunun tu..

Yay me n Little cutie Pooja...


Anonymous said...

hi ta..
aku nie..still remember me?
rindu kt hang..tuepn klu hang ingat aku lg...

Tata said...

:) aku ingat klu hang bgtau sepa..ehehe..

Anonymous said...

teke laa saper?
amboii..makin brsemangat member aku nie..ahaks..

Tata said...

ehehe...finally we meet...after long such a long time my friend...:)..pssst...hehe..

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