Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Errr....i am stuck

12:49 pm
At Work

Err..well, this is the first time in history i blog during working hour..hahah..Too free..?Nah, not free, just...just the brain seem not to cooperate...so i cant think of anything to continue my work..i am stuck..really stuck..

But feel a bit ok when i dont have to try too hard to get things done..mean take a break to blog..haha..blogging eradicate brain clog....did i just create another fantastic quote?LOL..

hmm..i am really do longg hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now..looking at all the files, on my table..Not yet softcopy files..errr..im dead..another 5 reviews to do, 4 meetings to go..i hate meeting, especially a meeting without preparation.where people talk..talk..talk and actually dont know what is the agenda.And suddenly off topic..while i have to rush for another meeting at different place..Not yet time frame for me to sesat here and there, cant find the place..LOL...i hate when they say 'continue on next meeting'..i hate people attending meeting without prepare on action and conclusion..for me Meeting is to let people know the solution, not to add another problem..then if no conclusion why not just call it TALKING not MEETING..hehe..yea, im a bit cranky when it comes to this kind of situation...

LOL..finish with i hate things..

I think i need an external brain to put some of my 'unwanted yet important' stuffs in..hahah..anyone?

Hmm NST news today 'EPF cut to put more money in your pocket'

KUALA LUMPUR: In a move to put more disposable income in workers' pockets, the government will allow Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members to reduce their contributions by three per cent for two years beginning Jan 1 next year.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said with the reduction, the level of contribution would still be at "a very reasonable 20 per cent, with employers contributing 12 per cent and employees eight per cent".

I dont think its a good thing to reduce EPF just for the sake of a few bucks...It just doesnt make sense..

If average earning say 3000, you can only add RM90 in your pockets, it's not helping you much..For me, on this time of economic crisis, we better keep all what we can to save, not to think on have more in our pocket. Cuz, even without this RM90, you will still have to live, no matter what..umm..thats what i have in mind la..:D..

But yea, its one of their 'brilliant' idea to 'help'..Maybe can try harder to think other alternative?

p/s no offends...:)

Ouch, gotta switch back to work...another 5 hr for home..cant wait :)...


GuRaNgAk said...

Shud be less 3% from employee's and add 3% to the Employer's contribution.. Sy sukung amat kalaw gitu.

Yet another Govt's 'brilliante' idea..


Tata said...

Aim for the best ba Angak..30% Employer Cont, less 10% employee...Tulak tambah, sama ja buhung dia sana..LOL...


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