Wednesday, November 26, 2008

:) I started my Blog with a smile....i am happy..i am in a mood..:)
As Christmas is on his way...oh God, i cant sleep thinking about it..:D...

Well, end year will be the Most busy Month..1st because all tasks must be completed before the new year, 2nd because i need to make myself busy so time goes by very fast, and when i suddenly realize..its time for HOME!! :D..

Ok what's i am up to lately?

i am studying new software for network monitoring..:)..I am centralizing ALL my projects, and i found Centreon ..Well its quite interesting, i havent finish studying it actually..just set up some hosts and all, and try to check if it really work with my kind of project and environment..Hopefully it worth cuz i have spent most of my time with it...hehe..well my brain kinda slow when it comes to Networking thingy...I hate networking actually, but ..well...its my job, so keep on studying, keep on experimenting things, and will go smoothly...Yep be positive! hehe..

I hate complexity..i love simplicity..and suddenly i found Wordpress..Haha...was actually visiting BBKK's website..upssss (heheheh)..after all these while, i finally visiting it..and guess what, first thing of all, after i hit the ENTER button and i start to move my cursor to the links, checking how the data passed to open new link..and i can sense a simplicity in it..:D..

Quickly i SMS Defoo asking him what he use for that website..His first answer is not what i ask, but 'baru tingu kn!' hahah..and he use Wordpress..

Interested, i google Wordpress..its a simple sort of like CMS for blogging...but if we can modify here and there, it can make a great website..yep..and i study it..
Very interesting, i now install it in my server and had several plug-in to complete my website function..He!Very simple, but powerful, just the plug-in quite confusing sometimes, and i hv to read 1 whole bunch of tutorial to make it work..:D..Fully satisfied when i can finally make it work!!...No need to be expert in programming, just a knowledge is enough...Now that i confirm that it can make a good website, we will come out with the design..and bom! my new website will be release soon..heheh..

Now counting the days..26 days for home :)

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