Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Im Down...

11:10 pm

Just another day passed..

Another 2 months to go for christmas..for home..for the family..I am totally not in the mood for anything, when my mind visiting home..I miss home so much...really missing home..

I miss the smell of my childhood bedroom, miss my mommy's nag, miss my mommy's cook, miss fighting with my sisters, miss laughing with my cousins,miss the familys talking, teasing , jokes and everything..everything...

My little love home does give me life..hmmmm..Sometimes i wish i dont have to grow up, so i can always have those sweet things in my everyday life..:)

If you ask me, the things that makes me smile..its my sweet little home, my warm big families..Oya, my family will add another member this November..:)..Welcome to the family sister :)..


Waking up everyday, rushing for office, traffic jam, bad behavior drivers, tons of work,...Thats my everyday life..thinking on how to make it change a bit...doesnt mean to be changed at all, but at least..hmmm...

yeah, now been very busy with my new assignment. Company branding..Lots of thing,lots of work..lots of headaches..Sometimes i can feel so much pain on my heads, just lead me to sleep..
Signing off yet another projects does add the headaches..My brain cant stop processing all inputs, here and there, this and that..OMG..its really makes me down..

Am planning to do something fun on weekend...Or..mebbe reading..yayy..I love reading, to disconnect my self from this hectic world..

Yep, about to midnite, gotta get ready for my work plan tmrw :P...

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