Sunday, November 9, 2008

A song..a lyric...a.....

A song...

Weekend..i am having my peaceful time..:)..digging stuffs i havent got time to do during weekdays...Well maybe, this weekend, i am in a mood of
Yep, song and lyrics, affects some of us in so many ways..The songs, the memories, the good time, the friendship..and umm..ya...:)

Yeah, digging to my fav songs, check this video from INFINATEZ, 'My Baby You' (By Marc Anthony to the love of his life, Arianna, his beloved daughter) and their HOT new(not so new la) song 'PAPARAZI'

On stage during GangStarz..


And this is 'Dance With my father again' by Luther Van Dross..A lovely song..

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Borneo said...

Paparazzi juga la kan?? Hahahaha!!!

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