Sunday, December 28, 2008

The First Week at home...

1 st day at home.
Its been sooo long..1 year since i finally home..well nothing better than home! ..Reach home (Ranau) at nite cuz stay at my cousin’s apartment at KK for a while, taking a nap, got quite bad airsickness ..:)..after feel a bit better, we continue the journey to ranau..
Reach home, with all dinner prepared! Yayy..well actually celebrating my nephew’s birthday, and as the VIP, they have to wait for us..heheheh...
Having the party ended, i really need a rest, taking my bath and GOSh!! ITS TOO COLD!! Really! Like ice! Somemore need to wash my hair, as i am having air sickness, feel like crying..but..yeah have to mandi..uuu~..
And the moment that i miss so much is when my mommy helps me to blow dry my hair, after mandi..hehehe..yea, manja a bit after long time tida balik..Sitting on my bed, while my mommy dry my hair, until i finally sleep, i didn’t realize when......

2nd Day.
Second day, i wake up at 10++, and it feels sooooo good to feel the fresh air at my kampung again..yups, pure pollution...
Hmm nothing much on 2nd day, just helping my mommy to re-arrange the house...and unpack my stuffs in my room..ah! look at my beloved room ...feel like want to hug every inch of it..hehe...My mommy always keep it clean when i am away, and it always look the same as before..i love it!

3rd Day.
I wake up early ..umm 9..consider early la rite ...i heard my aunt want to go to sawah to check the i decided to go..ummm quite a day!haha...u see, its raining quite heavily last nite, and its toooo cold, and the jalan also full with lumpur..
Cantik kan...hayatilah keindahan lumpur..:)
The sawah is so beautiful..

Haha..i am imagining myself as ‘ahli porengers’, to walk and walk and walk so far and far and far....eerieeee...!hehe
Isn't this stunningly beautiful.....ah! i love nature..:)
..But its cool, sort of like adventure..haha..well, i just wandering around at sawah and taking pics here and aunt just checking the water level and we lepak2 in the hut afterwards..

I come back from sawah about 3, then my other aunt family come over..wah, i haven’t mandi with all the lumpur on me, hurrying up taking shower and preparing for tea time..

Luckly my brother bought a cake so i just make a tea, Nescafe and the cake..yay...simple..haha..My aunt family leave around 6 and i continue cleaning all the stuffs..

Fuh, really busy day..hehe..then i take a break for 1 hour to watch my fav drama : Wanted:Son in 8, i rush back to kitchen and arranging some cookies and drinks for the carols team which will be arrive soon..

Yea the carols was very fantastic..Feel the spirit of Christmas..Even tho its very cold outside, they still go 1 house to another to do the carolling..and i adore the kids for that..They all are just around 12-20, well teen la, but they full with Christmas spirit!

4th , 5th and 6th day
Well its Christmas!! Merry Merry Christmas!!...i always love Christmas, and i will always do...2 days quite bz with all the preparation, to celebrate the big day..On Christmas eve, all the families gather and have a beautiful Christmas eve..Also celebrate my cousin’s (Dido) birthday on 25th, yep, Christmas Birthday...:)

After Christmas Mass on the 25th, we all balik kampung to help my cousin (Emily) for her Big Day..Not so much to do, but we all there to give her support!! :D
With my niece Sonia, nephew Rahul and cousin Martha a.k.a Gompisuk

With my cousin Jewin
Me helping on the Church decoration, and yep we did it splendidly!yayyy...:)..Well its her wedding and everything must be beautiful and sweet, a present for my beloved cousin...

On the wedding, she look so gorgeous as she walks on the aisle...well, i cant tell how much i adore the moment when my uncle give her away, it just so sweet..

You by my side, that's how I see us,
I close my eyes, and I can see us.
We're on our way to say, “I Do-oo,”
My secret dreams have all come true.

I see the church, I see the people,
Your folks and mine happy and smiling,
And I can hear sweet voices singing,
Ave Maria.

Oh my love, my love,
Can this really be?
That someday you'll walk,
Down the Aisle with me.

Let it be, make it be,
That I'm the one for you.
I'll be yours, all yours,
Now and forever.

I see us now, your hand in my hand,
This is the hour, this is the moment,
And I can hear sweet voices singing,
Ave Maria...

Emily and Harvey ...

Their first dance on the reception was Always, by Bon Jovi..

As the youngest child, of course the mom will shed a tear...:)..but yep, happy moment!! ...and...welcome to the family...

The She Leo's

7th day
Back to Ranau. Wake up early in the morning as i plan to meet my best friend Lala, Any and Jane..Ya, i miss them so much as well..

Lala, she’s my best friend and classmate since standard 5 to form 5..yea, being classmate for 6 years! We go to same Matriculation College after SPM but different class, still same to be exact i see her everyday, for 7 years, in my life, and well, we both knows both darkest secrets!haha..She’s getting married on June next year, with her sweetheart since our college year, well almost 6 years now,and finally they tie the happy for her and Kulan a.k.a Farid..and at last..i got the chance to ‘interview’ him and yep, he’s nice and give him a PASS with flying colours!hahaha...
My best friend ever..during college year

Lala n' Kulan : On their engagement day

Any and Jane, also my very close friend..Spent my Secondary years with them as well..Only that Jane went to UM Matriculation after SPM, and Any went to Maktab...Any getting married on November next year, but i haven’t got the chance to know her fiancé yet..mebbe later...:)
Jane ...
It feel so nice to get to talk to them again, after quite some times..Sharing whats going on in our life and stuffs :)...Well this holiday really mean a lot to me..

To be continue..


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I love walking-walking in the sawah too! So siok! Of course it will mean a little bit more if I was doing actual work rather then taking pictures alone..

Ah.... weddings. Don't we all love it?...

Tata said...

:D yea..Sawah view is so facinating tau..even the lumpur so nice to pijak..Hmm to do actual work at sawah, need to take 1 year course, first...ahhaha..

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