Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009

"If we aren't willing to pay a price for our values, if we aren't willing to make some sacrifices in order to realize them, then we should ask ourselves whether we truly believe in them at all." [Barack Obama from his book ‘Audacity of Hope’]

Yea, everybody will say ‘bye bye 2008’..and true…another year, without us to realize it..Time is like flying soooo fast now, can’t even complete what I had planned for 2008..hmm mebbe it’s because of my time management, mebbe it’s because too many things come on my way, mebbe its because I didn’t care enough on things that I had been set?hmmm I don’t know…

My excuse is : I planned, but its God to decide..:)..what an excuse!!

Think back on what I have gone through for the past 1 year..i did learn a lot..mebbe without realizing it, the year give me so many experiences bad and good in my life..Makes me wiser, makes me mature, makes me appreciate people and things around me…And most of all, makes me love me more :)…yea, sometimes in certain situation, i did punish myself for ..well something that comes unexpectedly on my way..but as time goes by, I know it’s stupid to live in my-own-created-dull-world while the real world is so beautiful, so big, so fantastic… to enjoy ..:)…Life is short..make it sweet ..I was a great believer on ‘Forgiveness is giving up my right to hate someone for hurting me.’ Well closing the 2008 curtain , open up brand new life for 2009..New and fresh and ‘formatted’.. I don’t want to believe it anymore..maybe I learn that to live-happily-ever-after we need to cut all the strings that hold us back from moving forward.….Yezza..heheh…

Mebbe for some of us, to think about all the plans and all the stuffs to do is something that a waste of is spontaneous :)..yea, i do agree sometimes..... but mebbe i am kind of person who need to know that something is there..i don’t like starting things that will only lead me to better plan and decide earlier :)...

Today is 31...we gonna celebrate the end of the year few hours from now..Strange, yet true..Closing another year..Hmmm..With all the economic crisis and hopefully not politics turning bad, 2009 might be quite tough for us.Nasib baik, the fuel price turun..if not..another silent killer..:)..But actually its all depends on how we deal with it, i may say..or in sabah language we say ‘dari ko saja baitu’ :D..

So what’s next... 2009, nice figure, one year older..umm year wiser...:)...Uh, i haven’t get my 2009 plan documented and signed..hahaha...But seriously, not all things can be planned, it comes when the time is there, so here comes the excuse again....hehe....I did list down some new resolution with a hope...let it guide me to start the first day on 2009 until the last day..If God still haven’t fired me from this world, then i shall enjoy every minutes of the new year, new resolutions, new life..:)

Happy New Year all...May God Bless!!

p/s My very first list on my new resolution: Live Happy


De' said...

Happy new year bebe! So happy you bring the curtain down with a smile dear..
Uh your 2008 affection don't forget.LOL..

ur craziness of SATC 2008-then suddenly (without notice-without warn) u were at Singapore JUST for the movie!gila!

And finally, yea finally... u went to mamamia live show recently after, i had been hearing u talking about the 18 September, since early 2008..How's the Show btw u havent talk about it!heh!!

thank god u didnt fly to US for Obama 2008 election!

Yeah what's next babe? ..If one day u suddenly call me in the middle of night and u say u are at Niagara Falls (2009? :D ), i am all prepared..cuz i know, u r capable on doing such crazy things!

Tata said...

2008 affection ah! :)

De' thanks for always supporting me, listening all my grumbling, mumbling, nagging, complaints and crying.and always offer your shoulder for me to cry on, in my toughest time..i love you for that :)

I am suggesting u Niagara Falls laa for ur honeymoon, ehem good for newly wed couple taw! Hohoho*Evil mode*

Mamamia?FANTASTIC!!Nanti sy cerita panjang i always do sampai ko mengantuk, bosan,tension n pening kn..hahahhahah..

Its not crazy la De' its Spontaneous! LOL

De' said...

ya, i even have to give my shoulder when u suddenly cry watching Oprah show!!

U leaving today kan..take care lil' sist..Thanks to introduce me to Internet hehe..its cool..

Tata said...

ahhaha..c De' kebaru-baruan sama internet..boooo! hahah...

hmmm sigh..KL alrdy :(

Jo Ann & De' said...

Dont be too workaholic this year, find your own time, find your own've been too much with your work and completely remove non-working stuffs in your life..You are not gettin' any younger my dear!

We are leaving to LA tonight..Live happy dear!

Tata said...

Doi..macam mama-mama c Jo kalau menasihat..hahahhaha..

'I am a dancing queen, young and free, only seventeen..oyeahh!!'

hahah..marah c Jo kan De'..
Ba, bagus2 di sana..amalkan cara hidup yg sehat, produce baby cepat2, jgn gaduh2, jgn malas masak, jgn malas do laundry! hahhahaha..

jo n De': hug..hug..hug...kiss..kiss..kiss

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