Monday, March 30, 2009

FREE SOFTWARE From Microsoft

Yes, as the title clearly mention it..Microsoft for free!

Its quite hard to believe that there is a FREE term in Microsoft, but yea, its TRUE.
Dreamspark is a download center for microsoft FREE software,but hay, wait...Its for learning purposes only, where student and teachers (worldwide) are being able to download these softwares. Every 12 months, student will be needed to veryfy their student status, and for those students under 18, parents will need to signup to accept the user agreement.

So for those who haven't get their school enrolled to this beautiful programme, please give this link to maybe teacher or administrator, so that they can do their part, linking the school to this programme.

Personally, i kinda love microsoft for this :)..encouraging the young people to learn, and not restricted because of the software's price...People, take advantage of these, don't waste it..

And Ya taking about Free Microsoft Software, isn't it cool if we can have a very nice laptop bag, you know, for ladies, a bright colour, nice shapes and all. Instead of just the plain black laptop bag..Going out with very nice laptop bag will start a beautiful shopping day! Yayy..!


veronz73 said...

Hey does that mean an old-student like me can get them for free? LOL That's superb!

TataJane said...

Urmm haha OLD Student hmmm..heheheh..havent really read the T&C hehe..but put under Tiyaa, Arielle n Noel's name confirm dapat :D..

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

That's a hot bag!

TataJane said...

oyeah! Great combination of Pink and black! :D

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