Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keep It short and simple news.

Tons of work, lesser time everyday, frustrations, it maybe a good summary of hectic life.
It prevents us from being updated with what's going on around us. No time for papers, for news in TV or even the so many news in internet. All we need is to spare whatever time we can to get some rest or enjoying it with our love one.

If only we can hire an assistant who can summarize everything to us, it would be a bless!Imagine everything from business news, health news or even entertainment updates being served to us everyday.

All we need is a short and straight presentation of the news. we need to know the content as quick as possible and understand it. I found this very nice blog about everything related to news, and it is written in a very short and simple yet fantastic way. Anything i need to know, especially about high tech news, i could easily find them here. Worth reading guys!


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Err... what news?

News-N-Views said...

If you think in other ways, without work, lesser time and frustrations ... I think there is no meaning of life. On the other hand all are the positive terms to boost of our life..what you say?

TataJane said...

kay: All news :D

News-N-Views: Precisely! But yeah, sometimes when things get very hectic we need to sigh n blame..haha..Btw, what a good blog you have there..!Thanks for dropping by..

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