Sunday, June 14, 2009

Abused Maid in Malaysia...Again?

People, hmmm, i don't know how to say this, but, the photo tells everything people...Think back, this employer of Siti hajar, a single mother of 2 daughters, is she a human being? To torture Siti Hajar until like that...

Look at her people, can you imagine how hurt it is to be treated like that? personally, i am really amazed of the woman's strength to stay alive, after 3 years in hell...And, i was amazed of the employer's ability to do such an evil work! For me, no matter what the employer's excuse, i cannot forgive her for being such an evil, evil in disguise! What a disgust!

Some (alleged) facts (based on her claim):

* Never been paid for 43 months
* Poured by boiling water over her body and/or face
* Beaten many times
* Try to escape, never succeed until a taxi driver brought him to Indonesia embassy in Malaysia for free (she’s surely penniless)
* Fed plain rice twice a day and forced to eat pork at times (she’s muslim where pork is unlawful to eat; another way of torture)

This is not the first to happen in Malaysia..What happen to us Malaysian? She's a maid, but there's no right for anyone to treat a maid like that! A maid is a profession, a job not a slave!

Malaysia should put more strict action to prevent this to happen again! Think of more aggressive way!! Please... STOP treating a human being like a slave, or as an object to release the tension..!

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vpa73 said...

The society is very sick :-( ...this is a known case. What about all those unreported abuse cases, which I'm sure are quite a few? I cringe to think of the possibilities...May God comfort this victim and all other victims...

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