Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A car insurance..?

Here i am still...almost midnight and i need my sleeping beauty. Tomorrow will be another busy day, and i would need all my spare time to rest and sleep. But im still in front of my laptop, with my fingers moving fast , typing what my mind command me.
Another 2 months for my car insurance. I really hate spending my precious money for my car insurance every year, why should i have a car insurance? I could just pay the cost if my car broke, i won’t be very unlucky to have my car fixed every month, i guess.
But wait, arguing this with Mr.Google, i cannot argure more, when Mr.Google shows me one fantastic article about why we need car insurance !
People, if you still have a stupid idea like me before, not knowing why we need car insurance, then please read that article. It will surely open up your mind, wide and clear. It had been written in a very strong understanding, a perfect experience and mature explanations.
At least i know before its too late!

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cindy said...

Tidur lah.. :P

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