Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend with Web Directory

How would you feel to spend your great weekend with Web Directory? Exciting for me! Yea, i have been working with my blogs past 2 days, trying to put more traffic to it and re-design my blogs.

Web directory is like a list of all websites, and you can easily search any website by category. For someone like me, who loves to see more and more people to visit my website, i will put my website in the web directory list, and i did actually. I place one of my blog at Max Directory , just to check if it really true, that a web directory can drive more traffic to my website. Well no harm trying people.

There are a lot of free web directory out there for us to check on them. As far as i concern, it really worth for us to place our website in a directory, so that we give more chance for our blog to be searched by visitors. Keywords alone won’t give 100% guarantees to make sure our website searchable, but we ourselves need to put our website where other people can reach them easily.

To keep it simple, its like a Yellow Pages for a websites, where people refer to it when they want to search for something. Oh especially business, like what i found at Business.Com .

I was really amazed on how much i was spending my weekend to understand about web directory! Not bad at all!

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