Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Photoshop CS3 VS Photoshop CS4?

Waw...September...almost end of the year 2009!!

Making me busy more and more to do the next year planning for our Engineering Support team, planning, costing, expenses, performance and summary reports on all our projects...Not yet mention my daily task which need so much attention and i cannot help but hoping sometimes i can be disappear for a few minutes and... i don't know, maybe my task will be disappear as well?

Oh, talking about next year planning, my Creative team is mentioning about the design software, which might need to be upgraded. Well, costing of course, i need to check the request whether we really need to upgrade or not. One of the request is to change Photoshop CS3 to CS4. Hmm..Some summary from what i found might help to those who still thinking on which software to choose :)

Photoshop CS4


  • The industry standard for professional photo editing, graphic design, and digital imaging.
  • Preview, organize, search, and manage image files with the Adobe Bridge File Browser.
  • Combines tools for painting, drawing, retouching, adding notes, and working with type.
  • Edit images non-destructively with layer styles, adjustment layers, masks, smart objects, smart filters, and history.
  • Automate tasks and speed up production with actions, batch processing, history tracking, and scripts.
  • Adobe Camera Raw offers non-destructive preprocessing of Raw files from most digital cameras, plus JPEG and TIFF files.
  • Includes tools for graphic design, Web design, video production, and photography.
  • Extended version offers tools for film & TV, medical, science, engineering, architecture, and manufacturing fields.
  • Besides new tools and features, this version has many user interface and efficiency improvements.
  • Requires at least Mac OS X 10.4.11, Windows XP SP2, or Vista SP1 (excl. Home Basic) and DVD-ROM drive.


  • The industry standard for professional photo editing, graphic design, and digital imaging.
  • Offers ultimate flexibility and more non-destructive editing features with every version.
  • Photoshop CS4 includes many performance advances and productivity enhancing features.
  • Photoshop can now take advantage of the graphics card's GPU for improved performance in certain a
  • Supports unlimited RAM and 64-bit processing under Windows Vista 64-bit version.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Price may be prohibitive for some.
  • Buyers must choose between giving up features or paying more for the costly Extended version.
  • GPU and OpenGL features increase the hardware graphics card requirements.
  • No support for Windows Vista Home Basic Edition.

There you go...Interesting rite :)..

For More Info you can always refer to this link : Photoshop CS4 Leaderboard

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