Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Borneo...Amazingly heaven..

I still miss my holiday! I miss the fresh air..i miss the nature...

Last December my cousin's friend visiting KL and she's staying with me. An American girl and very sweet Jessica. Well we had spent a splendid 20 days together and she even come with be to Ranau, Sabah. ( Oh..Sabah is located at the North Borneo)..

Ya ever heard about Borneo? Well ask me and i say i love Borneo..Nothing is more interesting than be inside it. The culture, the nature and the beauty..Ask me again and i said..i am truly a Borneo girl..:)

I brought Jessica around, let the American friend of mine feel the nature, understand the meaning of love of nature..hehe..

This is one of the location we went. Its like a spring in Australia..Mountain view..and we do some jungle treking with amazing view of mountain hills.

Jessica with her barefoot! :)

Lots of amazing bugs (they love my skin, kiss em until it reddish, but i love em), well i cannot find them at the city indeed

The view taken from our way back from KK to Ranau.

Beautiful ain't it..Jessica pose with the mountain view.

We did enjoying our self playing with the fishes...They are real fish and sooooo friendly...You wont regret flying to Sabah, borneo for this people!

A closeup on the fishes!

Hmm holiday ended but i did enjoy every single minute with it..You people should try it! I say FANTASTIC! Go in group and you will find it more interesting..At least you have someone to join you screaming laughing and maybe sleep on mud! Who knows :D..

Yea, don't worry about HOW TO GET THERE..or WHERE TO STAY or WHEN ...Easy just go to and all your questions or hesitation will be answered!

I am having loads of fun with beborneo, and you will!!

P/s Jessica had fly back to US, but she had a very nice moment at Sabah, she will be back in 2 years time.Hello people, don't waste your time..Enjoy and do things with nature around while we can :D..

Happy living everyone...Hugs...

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