Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Web designing tips

As the title is ...please..read before you do!

Its boring i know, but wait until you get stuck on what you do then only you will realize how easy if only you take a time and read first..ha ha..

I love editing my website and blogs. people suggest i use wordpress, and yep i use wordpress. At first, i am totally lost on how to control it. I have no idea where's the setting, what it can do, even how to do a post!

But i take time and read. Yep, i am no expert, but, yea, now i could say i know how to handle wordpress. Oh thei is a great article if you love to learn about web designing on wordpress.

It will describe in detail about wordpress, how it works, and how it help you with your blog or website. It will help you. Oh don't worry to add the bonus, the article will also give tips on how to choose a good template for your wordpress site!

If you need more advance explaination on web designing, here is a good article too.

Maybe you never realize how important font is in your website. By reading that article you will absolutely get the idea. Fonts is part of design. Interesting ey?

Well, knowledge can start with reading. Happy reading everyone!


kuyungz said...

wow~ amazing new design for your blog.. finally huh~ hehehe... keep it up taten... hehehe...

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Cute oh your blog now. Aw!

TataJane said...

Finally!! yayyy...

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