Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A humble prayer to Raja Azman

I am so sad and touched, with the news Raja Azman, son of Raja Petra now in Sungai Buloh Hospital for....Read it all here people..

He did has went through a very hard time during his custody. Some politic issue has made a human being swallow a razor blade? (oh sorry, i shouldn't have said things before the Police announce apology )

A humble prayer from one of the people to Raja Azman, really touch my heart. May we all, who love the Truth pray together in our own way:

I ask the Almighty to send His angels to protect and keep Raja Azman safe.
Please protect your humble servant that he may serve your will.
Lessen his hurt and pain. Heal his injuries. Make his strong in spirit.
Bless and keep Raja Azman in your arms against these enemies.
I make this prayer to you Almighty.

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