Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lazying at office..upsss..

Went to IKEA for window shopping yesterday, just to get some ideas on my new house decoration :)..Hmm i found myself fell in love with lots of things, but yea, luckly reality knock me on the head..budget girl budget!!

He he, yep, i have very limit budget on my new house, and well, i plan to buy the furniture maybe 2 every month..Need thousands for the house itself, not yet mention the furniture..hmm..Look at this wardrobe...she's cute ain't she..:)

Well, yea, little by little, i will put here and there until the house completed ..I still wish i could spend more time at home, rather than in the office..i still can be a successful career woman at home, yep, i trust myself..i am determine, i am hardworking, i think positive...and..hmm what else..hehe..Well, where there is a will, there's a way rite? I will achieve everything i want before my age hit the 3 head..ouch!..:P

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