Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Self-Meditation : Time Mangement

I have trouble with my time management!

Being a full time working woman, in a very busy industry,i really have a very little time for myself..not yet to mention yours truly new company that really need an attention. Everyday is like a battlefield for me, struggling 9am to 8pm in the office, rushing home cooking dinner, having 2 minute rest and continue with work. My mind keep on working even though i am physically asleep!

There one phrase at Web Article that attract my attention:
There is a belief that a messy desk or office reflects a disorganized or messy mind. Whether this is true or not is of little importance. What does matter is that piles of paper, memos and reports on the desk generate a feeling of not being up-to-date with your work, and may also force you to think about more than one job at a time.

Hmm maybe? Ok i'll give it a try tomorrow..See if it works ya!

Oh by the way, i might will try baking (yea, you read it right )this weekend.. Ha ha...i just excited after reading webwordarticle about a cake..well maybe baking could be a good therapy? I'll let you guys updated :D

Someday..someday..i will stay longer at home, and lesser in the office...

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