Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who love Tupperware!

i do ..! :D

I love to pack all things in a small container ( esp food in a fridge ) to make things look sooo very tidy ..hehe..yep..and i love tupperware brands well..maybe because of the quality and well, they are cute!

As a fan, i join the Tupperware as a member! ha ha, but haven't really have time to check the stockist here in KL. later lah! Hehe..oh btw Kuyung me luvly girlfriend is the one who 'force' me to join this Tupperware things! Huh! :P

She had finally do her Tupperware Lover page (actually she 'force' her teddy bear to do it..well she's like that one, always force people..Ha ha!) and yep, browse lah her website to 'check check see see' ..who knows you might end up fell in love with one of those..

Oh btw, i will buy this set soon : This ..This :)

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