Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you a woman.. yet?

i was reading a magazine when i come to this interesting fact about 'How do you know if you had become woman'..(well..a little bit sound like that :P )

1. Girl : Spend, spend, spend
Woman : Earn, Save, Spend

2. Girl : Wear something to attract people attention
Woman : Wear something for herself.

Well, how true is that ladies? :)

Personally, i do agree. I was a girl, spending any money i owned, even dare to ask my mom for extra allowances when i was in college. ha ha. yep, and i do regret it now, thinking on how hard the money earned. eurgh! yea, getting older is to get wiser..i work so hard to get my salary in every month, and save first and well, maybe spend some for me to reward myself:). And plus, being the eldest sister, i really need to spare for my younger siblings...Try be the elders sister, you will know how it feel :D!

When i was in high school years, everything is about, who has the prettiest dress, and ha ha i can buy designer's T-shirt just to impress people. But now, yea, its like, as long as i feel good wearing it, i don't care what people think about it. There's so many important things i need to do with my money instead of buying expensive clothes..But of course occasionally i will buy one or two :D

My aunt once told me..'If you never start to take a responsibility on your younger siblings, you will never had the feeling of being respected as an elder sibling. Once you take care of them, you will find yourself gaining more that you can think of, because of the challenge. And automatically you will be more mature handling your life. So be grateful.'

uhmmm...ha ha...okiess....hmm..:P

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