Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Week

Its 2am and im still in the office..a real busy week for me. Now waiting for another team to finalize their part, i am very sleepy i could sleep while typing this blog ha ha..

Everybody still working now, well at least in my office..We are running of time to send our project proposal by today 10am..Another 7 hours to go!

I was just finish finalizing all pricing and all technical documentations, and i really cannot think straight, when my teammate ask me :

"What is 3, 009,010 in words?" I look at her and started to think..

Three hundred thousand nine hundred and ten?

She look at me seem to have this confuse look as well and said..'Oh thats cheap..'

And for 1 minute both of us agree its three hundred thousand nine hundred and ten.

I went to the pantry, drink some plain cool nice fantastic water, and my brain start to move..

I went to the planning room and tell her : 'its THREE MILLION NINE THOUSAND AND TEN'

She look at me and said ; 'Can you times that number to 30% them divide it to 3, plus the result of 30% and then save it as A. Now take 70% from A and plus it with A. My calculator just didn't work now'

Actually i feel like want to throw something to her, but nahh she's as tired as me..

And  said its 1, 234, 567, if you don't trus me, re-calculate!

 I think shes still doing her calculation now..he he..

Now let me continue my work before the clock reaching 10am..

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Veron73 said...

poor overworked workers :-) I can relate to that...hopefully next week you'll get more rest!

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