Thursday, April 22, 2010

It is not judging but some thinking took place :D

Few days back, taking my lunch at the office pantry, i can't help but overheard a group of my office mate chit chating..

They were having some argument on souvenir my boses brought back from a company trip for them. Ha ha it was really funny, but i was just listening. My boss actually just bought a bunch of snacks and chocolate from the trip and put in in the pantry for everyone. While the other boss gives all the staffs under his department beautiful souvenir. Ha ha..well what do they expect? a beautiful souvenir from the boss to them maybe..ha ha..

A : Kedekut la, ade ke beli snack jea..isk..
B : You tau tak, Lin(bukan nama sebenar ha ha) dapat sanggul rambut dari boss die..haaa..Bon (bukan nama sebenar :D) pun pula dapat bekas air cantik.
A : Iye?? Eeee tadi bos bagi chocolate tu i buat muke jea..Biar die tau..
C: Dulu pun pegi oversea beli makanan juga. beli la benda2 cantik..Selendang ke kain ke..
B : Pastu nak belanja pun susah. Kedekut la.
B : (Looking at me and said) You dapat ape?

Me : Err..Nothing...Why should the boss bought me something?

Ha ha..I was like, haihh...some people do have the mentality of 'Boss MUST give something when go oversea' or 'Boss MUST belanja makan'..Not that i am judging them, but, that was really funny ..their mentality..We called it pok-silap (when people always want some people to belanja makan or buy something)..

hmm macam macam...


Dee' said...

huiyooo..pok-silap ah! hehe really bikin panas kan kalau pok-silap. Minta belanja ja kerja, tapi tida pernah mo bayar!

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I always hope for boss to belanja but I won't complain lah. If get happy if no then continue work. Which reminds me, tomorrow boss buying a Big cake for me for my belated birthday. :)

Yay Boss!

CJane said...

P/S Kay.. tapau sikit kek bawa pulang ya? :P

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