Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tioman Next!

The earth does really spinning way to fast now! Felt like it just yesterday we went to Sipadan island, having fun and well get some sun burn! It was a real fun in there...and got to meet lots of fancy sweet friends!

Now we heading to Tioman! End of this May, we already pack our things and ready to go..ha ha...i can't wait for the fun!
This is sipadan bebeh!

To add the fun this time, we will go by cars from Kl to Mersing! Reaching there having a few hour doing lots of fun things while waiting for the ferry..Well hmm...i don't think we will need any Camping tents because we can always sleep in the car if get sleepy..hehe..but nahhh...who wants to miss the fun! i really need the Camping tents? Its a peak season and i really hope we don't need to...hope some room still available :P..

No worries people, i will post the Tioman trip later!

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