Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Urumi

Anyone know what is URUMI? hehe..i just found out myself!  Ok..this is also known as “chuttuval,” which means “coiled sword,” this flexible weapon is used in the South Indian Martial Art of Kalaripayatt.

 The blades  is flexible enough to be rolled up and stored when not used, or even worn as a belt and whipped out on demand. Hmm a great start for self defense, great to learn!..hehe...

Agility and skill are more important to a mastery of the weapon than strength or aggression. Twirling and controlling the urumi is a difficult and dangerous art, and is therefore taught only to the best pupils of the Kalari. Incorrect use can result in the flexible sword wounding its wielder, and great concentration is required during use, even by experts.

Hmm maybe i need to find some Guru for this, awesome bah! I'm really interested..heheh
Here is a video on how to use..oh kids dont try this at home!

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