Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anti-Mugging "Skirt" Transforms Would-Be-Victim Into Soda Machine

The mind-blowingly quirky piece of clothing pictured above may not deliver actual sodas, but it just might deliver you from evil-doers intent on causing you harm.

The skirt looks like a pretty red dress under normal circumstances, but when flipped inside out over the wearer's head turns into a pretty dead-on soda machine disguise -- the perfect foil for some mugger or more violent criminal (at least in Japan, where street crime is rare).

When i first saw this, i was laughing..well that's cute but, can you really do it so fast, like in sudden when you sense something not wrong? :D. Oh well, hmm sometimes, to transform ourself into something else is a good self defense especially when you are dealing with those way stronger than you...Hmm good idea :)

But actually, these flippable fashion outfits are inspired by ancient Ninja stealth techniques -- apparently Ninja warriors would hide under black cloths at night to avoid enemies or surprise-attack them. And in Ninja invisibility is the art of blending in, becoming an insignificant part of our environment and disappearing within it..

Oh and eww, do you know how the hairy frog do their defense?

The hairy frog or “horror frog” intentionally breaks its own bones to turn out a wicked set of cat-like claws. Like Wolverwine, only slimy and a lot more terrifying because it’s a freaking frog. Scientists don’t know if the claw is able to retract once it pierces through the skin. According to New Scientist: “Trichobatrachus robustus actively breaks its own bones to produce claws that puncture their way out of the frog’s toe pads, probably when it is threatened.” Also, it is apparently hairy. This doesn’t stop Cameroon locals from spearing and roasting hairy frogs as a tasty snack.

Interesting aren't they? 

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