Thursday, July 22, 2010

Anger management?

Today is my apartment cleaning day..! horray! finally ey..hehe...There is still some plumbing need to be completed but, we'll just clean it first and wait until they fix the plumbing ..ha ha luckly all will complete and i don't have to buy my camping gear ! :D..

Oh i had read something interesting today on how to manage your emotion in most difficult time..Hmm well i have to read it as it is compulsory in my proffession. To handle a team is not an easy task.  No one will like you, when you have to give instruction. Most will talk behind you when you plan something which will involve them, and yea...they will hate you..

I came accross a chapter when it tells that when you about to burst in anger, avoid conversation. Ya, AVOID CONVERSATION. because you will be tend to say something so terrible, that makes you regret afterwards.

And i agree with it! For me when i am in anger, i will just ignore, and choose to be silent. because i don't trust my own mouth..ha ha..Well, its better to hold my tounge rather than it will hurt other people (which sometimes i really wish i could hurt them! ha ha) .

Brought up in a familily who will directly say something when something is not wrong, and discuss about it, sometimes its hard to keep all the things i need to say when with other people. with my family we could just say anything, and noone will hurt. i mean it could be hurting, but...we all use to take it as an advice..

But, well, sometimes i have to keep things in me. For the sake of other people and for the sake of..umm i don't know..ignorance? So that's when the anger management skill will come in..ha ha. And i think i did a good one before.. :)
Ah! sometimes new environment is good..Changing my entire life back to Sabah really a good change..Yup, being someone with my own rules in life,sometimes i tend to expect other people to play by my rule..blame it to my zodiac..ha ha..

So much things to be done here..and with my beloved families, something good had been planned! well, who know rite..Where there is a will..there is a way . I am a great believer on that!

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