Friday, July 23, 2010

Facebook defriend

A friend told me today that a friend of her had removed her from his Facebook Friend List. And telling everyone that he had defriend her. (That's so eww rite! ha ha)
Without knowing what she had done, until he defriend her, and telling everyone, she just trying to analyze everything and trying to figure it out. Waw, look how social media can do nowadays..someone can show off his/her childish unmature behaviour just like that..eww..defriend in facebook showing that you hate the person..ha ha..Such a funny act..well especially for a man of course..(well woman tend to be emotional sometimes..hehehee). Oh and my friend told me : 'Oh i don't care anyway, he has nothing good to do with me' Well i am kind of agree with that..ha ha..

Maybe there's a lot of pro and cons in social media, and it contribute to some emotional feeling as well. i would say that it is strange enough for some people to use online social media to express their feelings on something. Like you hate her, you defriend her. Eww! Well unless that person really had do something that threaten you and your family maybe..then that 'friend' need to be deleted- Permanently.

I am interested with the term 'Wominnovation' in social media. In this century, we can even call social media as learning toys where kids nowadays learn a lot of things just from social media. Oh back to Wominnovation, it turns out that sociolinguists have found women to be innovators when it comes to communication, especially with new forms of languages. The shift from “ye” to “you” in 15th Century England? Women were behind it. Common phrases such as, “Like, ohmigod,” known as Valley Girl uptalk, were started by young women from California. And in the mid-20th century a group of young women from Oberwart, Austria shifted the primary language of a bilingual community from Hungarian to German, which was a powerful move in a community that had resisted the influence of the German language for close to 400 years.

And there you go..we have lots of new words created fro social media shotr form. And lots of younger generation even think that its the correct word. Cannot really blame them on that rite...

Well so..yea..back to my defriended friend..i don't know how to comment..just..Uhm..for me personally, i don't care, because think again...Hey its just a social media..a second life for some people..I have my own great life..have you? :D

P/S checking if someone defriend me on facebook..hmm

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Orang Sabah said...

Uhmm.. ha ha.. so eww... ha ha

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