Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gym be.. :D

Ever since i move to Sabah, the new lifestlye applied..ha of it is to get myself healthy, get rid of all my unwanted exceeded fats, and keep fit! Well, pulling myself to the gym, doing stepbox, aerobic and i-don't-know what else they called it, and yea, start working..

This is my first week, and body really aching..the first seassion, i didn't even finish it, but yayyy, the second session (which was yesterday), i manage to finish it all! **clap**clap**

But, my body aching now...yep, because of my lack of stamina i back, my knee, my stomac and even my fingers..hahah...But NO PAIN NO GAIN ain't they?

very lucky of me, my bunch of friends here loves excercise and adore healthy its easy for me to slowly achieve my target weight and healthy lifestyle..Ah, at least when i feel so malas for excercise, they will still drag me..ha ha...aww..i love my friends..

So ..hmm next will be my every evening jogging routine...but after i get myself fit sikit la...if not..nanti pengsan how? :D


Raven G. Duran said...

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TataJane said...

hi Raven;

Thanks for the concern :)

I like the nav bar actually, i remove them on my previous theme, but now i love to keep them back :)

Raven G. Duran said...

You're welcome, so I see, you want your blogger navbar, it's ok, since it also depends on your design taste for your blog, after all blogging is for fun and sharing.

By the way, nice blog design =)

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