Friday, July 9, 2010

Sabah is a blessed place

It had been a while since i really browse my facebook. Just update anything via twitter (which is linked to my facebook account). Hmm yea, i am not a fan of facebook, haven't even play any of the games inside, and, yea, i spend like 5 min browsing my facebook everytime i think of it..Ha ha..

Life had changed slowly now, and i am full with determination! Its a big thing that i pack my stuffs, and move to sabah, and i am not going to waste any of it. I know the reason i go back, and i should achieve it slowly, slow and steady :D..

Lots of oppurturnities here...A LOT..Maybe people just take it for granted on everything, and they did not see lots of big things is actually going on at Sabah. Not going to elaborate more here  but, yes, .I come back for good, and for the good..ha ha..

It always hard to make the first move, but noone will gain anything if you always cling to someone to live. And you know you can't make any change if you keep on doing it, not going to go out from the comfort zone, stay where you are and hope miracle can happen...ah..hahaha...i am just trying to motivate myself..

gotta go...

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